Saara Perho is the new CEO of Citrus Solutions Oy

News Wednesday 16 October 2019
Saara Perhosta Citruksen toimitusjohtaja


Have you heard the exciting news? We have a new CEO!

As of September 2019, Citrus Solutions Oy has a new CEO: Saara Perho (OTK, eMBA). Markku Karas, the founder of the company and previous long-term CEO, was happy to announce his decision.

"I'm delighted that Saara will be taking charge, I believe there are plenty of great things to come. I myself will continue to be part of the advisory board in the future."

Although the sudden announcement took many by surprise, the news has been met with noticeable delighted excitement.

"Saara is absolutely the best choice for the job. I'm really excited to see what's going to happen next, and I think my colleagues agree. The mood is set for positive changes!"


Saara Perho has already announced she will take Citrus Solutions Oy towards an even more user-friendly and people-based direction. In the near future, we want to provide digital solutions that combine both Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence. This is something we're already quite passionate about - since most of our in-house tailored solutions start with the actual needs of the user. We want to understand and meet the needs of our clients. A people-oriented approach is an absolute necessity.


Having a strong legal background, Saara will partially continue steering Citrus into compliance-based solutions, such as the myGDPR service. Keeping an eye out for future legal requirements and regulations is something that we are delighted to do. Accessibility, data protection, or any other regulations committed by the EU aim to help out the society to fill out absolutely necessary requirements. We are passionate about doing our share in legal tech to help both the public and private sector become compliant. And let's not forget, that in everyday terms, being compliant means a more unified and equal experience of the digital world for everyone. That's what makes it meaningful.

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