Our Legal Tech services & solutions

We think everyone should have access to exceptional law services.

Here at Citrus, we have combined technology with law expertise to create a unique product family - Citrus Legal Tech. Our Legal Tech services provide concrete tools that are easy to use.

Citrus Robot

Citrus Robot is a Robotic Process Automation tool that forms the core of all our Legal Technology solutions and services. It is a concrete Legal Tech tool that allows legal experts to multiply their experience and knowledge into clear-cut processes, which can then be utilized by other people in the organization in addition to the experts themselves. As a tool, it combines legal expertise with technology and is perfect for the removal of repetitive routine tasks in Legal Departments.

Contract Robot

In Contract Robot, one can draft agreements as well as manage, edit and control a vast number of legal contracts and documents. It is also possible to easily teach Contract Robot to understand the contents and rules of a new contract which can also adjust according to one's changing needs.

When forming an agreement, the robot will ask a series of questions and then use the answers to finalize the document. The contracts that the tool provides are of best of quality and provided both in Finnish and in English.

Verifier Robot

Verifier Robot works at high speed and level of accuracy to make sure that all legal agreements are sufficiently taken care off. It is a tool that handles mass check-ups easily and excels at taking care of routine tasks, such as finding consistent errors in a vast amount of documents.

With the help of Verifier Robot, work that would usually take up to weeks to accomplish will now only take a short amount of an expert's time.

The Process Tool

The Process Tool is an interface that connects to Citrus Robot. The tool divides complicated repetitive processes into easily understandable segments and sections. As it takes care of routine work instead of experts, The Process Tool reduces the number of human errors such as mistakes in deadlines and documentation.

myGDPR Service

The Award-winning myGDPR Service is a Data Protection pioneer, dedicated to help the European organizations meet data protection requirements of today. It is a SaaS solution created by Citrus Solutions Ltd. to help organizations meet their duties concerning the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU.

The Service divides the entire regulation into smaller and more manageable components.


Records of Processing Activities Tool

The Records of Processing Activities Tool is an additional expansion to the award-winning myGDPR Service. With the help of the tool, organizations can easily control their personal data registers and their privacy statements under the Data Protection Regulation, as well as the descriptions of their information systems.

The myAML Service

myAML Service is an Anti-Money Laundering service. It helps to assess and evaluate the state of processes and activities under the regulations of the money laundering law. The Service gives guidance to correct all possible errors. The Service also points out all relevant details that need to be assured. It tells how to move further along in the process both technically and on an organizational level.

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