Partner Network: Taitoa

Kunnan Taitoa Oy (“Taitoa”) is a service consortium owned by the 106 Finnish cities, 205 other municipalities and a number of other municipally governed bodies. Taitoa provides and develops financial and human resource management services to the Finnish municipality sector, and it acts as the purchasing consortium in public tenders as defined by the EU Directive and Finnish national laws on public procurement. In 2016 Taitoa’s turnover was 36,4 M€ and it had a staff of 508 FTE.

myGDPR™ Customership with Citrus Solutions Inc.

Taitoa has ordered myGDPR™ service licenses from Citrus Solutions Inc. (“Citrus”) to be used by the Finnish municipality sector as assessment and management tool of EU GDPR requirements’ compliance. The purchase was government procurement regulated by the EU Directive on Public Procurement (2014/24/EU) and Finnish Decree on Public Procurement (1397/2016). The total value of the purchase, excluding VAT, is 400 000 €.

Key Benefits and Experiences of myGDPR™ to Taitoa

  • Ready, comprehensive and packaged software tool to facilitate the Finnish municipalities to manage their compliance of the EU DGPR
  • No comprehensive and ready competing alternative for web or software based EU GDPR requirements’ compliance management was identified in a market analysis done by Taitoa before the vendor selection. Thus myGDPR™ was exceptionally purchased without competitive bidding.


Reference Contact

Mr. Jarkko Turkki
+358 20 610 50 80
[email protected]


Kunnan Taitoa Oy (Ltd.)
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