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Raisoft provides its customers with comprehensive software solution for measuring functional performance and health status, as well as quality and effectiveness of care. Raisoft has customers throughout the world, the most recent larger deals being in Spain and Australia. In 2015 Raisoft’s turnover was 2,47 M€ and it had staff of 37 FTE.

myGDPR™ Customership with Citrus Solutions Inc. with Raisoft’s Own Words

Data protection is seminally important to Raisoft, because our customers handle daily the most sensitive personal data with softwares that we have provided. We have been well aware of the EU GDPR and our data security team started to work toward compliance very early on. In spite of that, we were surprised by the width of the data protection responsibilities. To our benefit, we found the myGDPR™ tool developed by Citrus, that makes the whole remarkably “tangible”. It is much easier and faster to walk through all GDPR requirements, when the tool highlights and summarises all needed gaps and tasks using logical questionnaires. We can trust that by walking through all the documents pre-configured by Citrus, we can get the whole data protection area covered and its documents in good order. We are convinced by the professionalism of Citrus and we can cordially recommend Citrus and myGDPR™ to other companies. 

Key Benefits and Experiences of myGDPR™ to Raisoft

  • Ready and packaged software tool with logical questionnaires for compliance assessment and relevant document templates for compliance achievement
  • Logical and time-effective EU GDPR compliance management tool


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