Citrus Legal Tech

There are law firms, and then there are tech companies. Here at Citrus, we are proudly combining the two.

Everyone should have access to exceptional law services.

The world is changing at an evergrowing pace. Each day new technologies and innovations come to life that change old industries. Now we are bringing exceptional and trustworthy legal services to everyone.

Here at Citrus, we have combined technology with law expertise to create a unique product family - Citrus Legal Tech. Together with the help of our expert network, our Legal Tech services provide concrete tools that help to free up the time of otherwise busy experts that would otherwise be spent with dealing with routine tasks.

What makes our Citrus Legal Tech product family so unique is the way it has been built: Together with the latest legal know-how, we rely on the most advanced technology to multiply the talent of experienced experts.  But in its' self technology and experience are not enough. In addition to technical intelligence, you need emotional intelligence to be able to provide services that are easy to use. We have built the Citrus Legal Tech product family with users in mind.

Citrus Legal Tech with Human Touch