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The Award-winning myGDPR Service is a Data Protection pioneer, dedicated to help the European organizations meet data protection requirements of today. It demonstrates transparency and corporate responsibility by taking excellent care of their customers’ personal data.

The EU GDPR directive is complex and open for interpretation. We at Citrus Solutions have created  myGDPR Service for you with a ready-to-use framework to take care of your identified GDPR obligations. myGDPR is a SaaS solution created by Citrus Solutions Ltd. for helping organisations to meet their duties with regard to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

For many organisations, it is too demanding a task to study and understand the regulation without support. Therefore we have divided it into smaller and more manageable components.

myGDPR Service consists of easy-to-use data protection modules

Obligations: Accountability and Obligation to notify

Personal information: Data subject's rights and Personal information of children

Risk management: Information management and Data protection obligations


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Initial Query   Tasks                   Templates                    Practical solutions

Find out the current state of the GDPR in your organization in less than two hours.



A concrete set of tasks
including clear instructions assist you in how your organization
meets the GDPR obligations.


Make use of the template documents for saving time and increasing efficiency.


Discover practical solutions and partners for any identified gaps. 




Comprehensive coaching and workshop packages for organizations

Some GDPR obligations require technical measures. We make available the best service providers in the field to advice in planning and implementing the needed actions. 

In addition, we offer coaching and workshop packages on specific themes, one (1) day coaching per theme.

1. GDPR basics

  • GDPR and data protection integration to data security
  • Personal Data processing

2. Obligations

  • Accountability
  • Obligation to notify

3. Data Protection Obligation

  • Data protection policies
  • Data protection roles and responsibilities, certifications and training

4. Risk Management

  • DPIA, Risk management
  • Processes automatisation

Check out myGDPR Service providers in your region or ask our sales team for more information on the coaching packages: [email protected]

<myGDPR included in accountor customer services>

Mr. Jan Malmström, Head of Delivery:

We provide myGDPR™ for our customers to meet the requirements of EU data protection compliance.


<raisoft takes data protection under control>

Mr. Miikka Puumala, Head of Development and Mr. Peter Jansson, Data Security Officer:

Fortunately, we found the Citrus myGDPR™ tool.


<taitoa delivers myGDPR to municipals in finland>

Mr. Mikko Kokkala, Data Protection Officer:

The GDPR solution developed with Citrus is a useful tool to Data Accountability Reporting.


<tilaajavastuu supplies customers with complementing services>

Mr. Mika Huhtimäki, Senior Vice President:

myGDPR™ is ready and packaged, easy-to-use software tool to be offered to our customers.


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