What we are
Tailored to your needs

All our cooperative customer projects have important target goals.

Low-hierarchy organization

We value motivated and talented people who solve problems independently as a group.

One product, 10 000 variations

We are proud of our mass tailoring product, Configurator, because it decreases material costs, saves time and is nature friendly.


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We create agile IT solutions

We consider the customer's needs for digital services and integrate them to the bigger picture of their business practices. 

Everything is possible

We have experience working with the demands of various business areas.

Avointa lähdekoodia kunnille

Turun kaupunki uudisti hetki sitten verkkosivunsa. Jo ennen uusien verkkosivujen käyttöönottoa Turku päätti julkaista verkkosivunsa avoimen Drupal-lähdekoodin kaikkien halukkaiden käyttöön.

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Over 60 partner companies

We are part of a network called Atrain. When you choose us you will have over 900 experts to help with your IT challenges. 


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Markku Karas

CEO, Partner
ICT Services
Atrain Group
+358 44 599 0005

Tommi Tiainen

Sales Director
+358 40 586 9066

Jaakko Viitanen

Vice President, R&D, Business Development
+358 40 565 0430

Saara Perho

Business Strategist, OTM, eMBA
+358 400 686 905

Taina Koskinen

Service Manager
Turku office
+358 40 537 0300

Elena Czeizler

Lead Data Scientist

Jussi Elo

UX/UI Designer
Turku office

Jyri Forsström

Project Lead

Danielle Gargour

Office Assistant

Matias Hakunti

Lead UX Designer

Tuomas Hosia

Senior System Specialist

Elise Idman

Financial Manager
+358 40 770 9077

Jouni Jaakkola

Project Director
+358 40 664 5444

Jussi Jääskeläinen

Unix/DB Admin

Lauri Kalima

Software Developer

Veli-Pekka Kallonen

Project Manager, Architect

Antero Karjalainen

Vice President
Production & Projects
Data Management
+358 40 715 5173

Pekka Koivurova

Test Engineer

Markus Kuussaari

Project Manager

Jani Muuronen

Senior Software Consultant

Ilpo Mäntykangas

Security Lead

Sami Nikkilä

Software Developer

Janne Nimander

Software Developer

Jyri-Petteri Paloposki

Software Architect
Drupal software and projects, Linux servers
Turku office
+358 50 378 0711

Lauri Pekonen

Software Developer

Joni Pinomäki

Project Manager
Turku office
+358 50 387 8561

Tapio Pietinsalo

Software Developer
Turku Office

Antti Riikola


Tapani Rosbäck

Software Developer

Pekka Saarinen

Project Manager

Petteri Salokangas

Sales Manager
+358 40 502 0009

Rope Sidebras

Account and Business Development Manager
Atrain Group
+358 50 355 5946

Pirjo Silius-Miettinen

Senior Manager
+358 40 922 3384

Seppo Sinisalo

Frontend Developer

Mika Sormunen


Tommi Tiira

Project Manager
+358 40 922 3382

Juha Valajärvi

Test Engineer

Ossi Vartiainen

Software Developer

Simo Viitanen

Software Developer

Tuija Välimaa

Project Manager

Jyrki Wahlstedt

Project Manager